Analysis, design,
and implementation
of interiors

Expect to get the complete services from a deep analysis of both your space and personality, initial consultations, detailed design, as well as the selection of materials and equipment. All these come together with precise documentation for the implementation of every particular detail. Expect the best results only.

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Interior Design

Definition of the Project:
We will translate your requirements and ideas into interior design, which comes together with 100% complete analyzed results. Then the architect will consult with you on individual proposals until the result meets your expectations. Concept Development and Preliminary plans, mood boards, and solution visualization are finally right at your fingertips.

You’ll get a choice of materials, colors, accessories, and suitable equipment too. The 3D interior concept will help you imagine the solution in detail and feel its atmosphere to the maximum.

Personality-Environment Analyses

Health check of the indoor environment:
Personality analyses of the occupants through questionnaires, elements, and human design, as well as brief instructions on how to implement these into the personal space.

Analyses include a series of tests and questionnaires that come together with online meetings. Consultation and analysis explanation is done by a Holistic Interior Designer, Human Design specialist, and expert Environmental Psychologist.

Interior Design Implementation

Design Development:
Construction Plans, specifications, and all documentation that’s necessary for the Interior Design project implementation is here.

Detailed drawings of bespoke furniture and a list of furnishings, lighting, and equipment are implemented together in the design proposal.

This is how collaboration with us looks like:



We provide our services primarily online. In order to get to know each other better, we will send you different questionnaires consisting of various questions. Fill out our questionnaire to start cooperation and wait for the confirmation to arrive at the reception. You will get all the information needed in it, including everything you need or want to know about cooperation itself, including deadlines, payment options, and other useful information you can think of.



When you send us a confirmation that deadlines and other conditions match, we’ll send you a proforma invoice for payment. After a recorded payment of 60%, we’ll next send you a questionnaire for the analysis of the spatial properties of you and your household members/employees.



We’ll help you discover if there are any negative aspects in your home which can affect both your health and inner peace.



The moment when we choose a solution for the project, we move on to visualization, i.e. renders. This helps to get a better idea of the entire project and to see what your space will really look like. Consider the possibility of editing, with up to 2 revisions per corner picture.

*The option to create multiple solutions/subsequent changes is charged additionally.

*The rest of the project payment comes from 40% of the amount before handing over the conceptual design of the interior.



When we get your approval that everything is how you want it to be, we move on to the elaboration and production of all
necessary documentation that’s needed for the execution of the project. Furniture drawings, a list of proposals for furniture, lighting, and all other needed equipment are implemented in the design.



After a couple of months of settling into your space, we always like to hear from you and talk about your impressions. How have your feelings in the space changed and how did your life change in general? How has this change affected your emotional and mental health status?
We hope to hear some great news! 

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"Home isn't where our house is, but wherever we are understood."
Morgenstern, 1918

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